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Some People Say The Nicest Things... And We Really Appreciate It, Thank You!


"I just got my Magic toy yesterday, ;) Just had to try it out. I'm amazed at the quality of it, I can see why you say they are so durable... My old inflatable butt plug was the thickness of a balloon, so it was fairly thin when blown up... But my Magic, The knot when inflated must be about 3 or 4 times thicker, Definitely feels solid when inflated, and is very nice and soft when deflated for insertion. The whole product is very high quality, I'm very pleased with it. :)"

 " My magic arrived today(3 days from ordering). Wow this toy is awesome worth every penny. The Cinnalube is the BEST LUBE EVER! Props of making such awesome products. The box was very discrete, great private shipping. I will buy my lube strictly from you guys and hope to get a Vixen when I'm ready. Thanks for everything...MT "


"Coming from a gay guy, I just wanted to say, best product I have ever bought, definitely worth the price. Very impressed by the quality. Thank you very very much, I'm sure my bf will enjoy it as well ^^ "


"Hi Cindy, yes it did, when i got home, it was delivered :)   Thank you so much for the prompt response and shipment of your wonderful product. My wife and I tested it out yesterday. A marvelous product for sure. She has wanted one for awhile now, and i thought i would surprise her with it. She was surprised indeed. Thank you very much. I look forward to ordering more of your products."


"Hi Cindy, my Magic arrived today & it is a Truly Beautiful Dog Cock to say the least..."


"I just received your new Equinox toy, and it has become an instant favorite toy. Its the perfect size to just hop in the shower and "enjoy" it quickly. Feeling that long shaft sliding inside of me was one of the most incredible sensations I have felt in recent times, on top of that feeling that hot cinnalube squirt inside topped it all off. It almost sent me over the edge with the toy itself! A feat that very few toys can do for me. The overall craftsmanship of the toy is amazing! The color and quality of the toy is second to none! Overall, this is one of the best toys I have had so far!"


"We just received the magic and can't tell you how much we love this toy...."


"The package came in today and I would like to thank you one last time for being so helpful and responding so quickly to my messages. This will not be that last time I order something from your website. Looking forward to seeing some new and interesting items at you shop.


"Hi Cindy! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year! I just wanted to thank you and the staff for a great, quality product.... Anyway, thanks again for the great products and service! Both are truly top notch! Best regards, :-)."


" I bought two vixens, one for me and one for a friend in another state. He hasn't had a chance to try it out yet but I have, and holy crap, it's incredible! Now, I've used larger things before as compared to the shaft thickness, but when the Vixen is comfortably in place and the knot gets inflated, it creates the most incredible, intense sensations I've ever felt. I mean tense-legged, room-spinning, uncontrollable-panting sensations. I'm not exaggerating here! It's the same for air or hot water inflation, too. I'm looking forward to the next time I get to use it. I haven't tried the Cinnalube yet, but it smells good enough to eat. Thanks! "


"Cindy, I have to complement your artists on an awesome design! The Magic is both
beautiful and fubctional! I love it!!!! "

"Magic is up inside me right now, and I can't believe how realistic it
feels. My dog ------ was hit and killed by a car 3 Christmases ago, and
with about 8 punps the Magic feels just like him! (don't ask how I know

"Cindy... the vixen i received is the most incredible thing i have ever used. thanks for a great product."

"It arrived today. It is bigger than I expected it to be... I am a bit afraid to try it out ^)^ Anyway thanks so much for the great service! Five stars!"

"Thank you very much i checked the mail and it arrived looks beautiful."


"Hi Cindy and all other troupers. Great thanks for your quickly delivery. Your Vixen is the greatest! I'm so happy. Very realisticly and great feeling, but hard work still the knot go inside.... Will recommend you to all my friends... Have a nice day and great wishes to all of you... "


"The Magic is awesome. Thank you for such a good product. I hope there's more to come."

"My wife and I ordered your vixen product a week ago and have 
immediately come to love it. The fascinated and pleasured looked
in her eyes makes this worth every dime."
"Just received your shipment today. Wild, this thing is. Never seen
anything like it. The high- est quality craftsmanship and materials I've
ever seen in a "statue" such as this. I'm very impressed. Thanks so
much. Do keep in touch."


"Hi Cindy - Oh my God, the Vixen is amazing, the minute it arrived I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and put it to use. The moment I asked *** to order it for me and he agreed, I started craving it's sensations. We've been looking for something to bring the excitement back into our relationship and when I told *** of my curiousitys he wouldn't agreed to it. When I found your web site I knew I found my answer. You guys have done an amazing job with the vixen, I can't say that my curiousity is satified but I can say that the interest is back into our relationship and *** is coming a round to different experiences. So thanks again for such a wonderful product and for helping me expand my desires. P.S . I don't want to put my puppy down our take it out : ,) A. "


"hi, thanks for the delivery , everything perfekt , and fast , do you make more produkts? thanks , *** and *** "


" Mia, I recently purchased one of your Vixen toys (which I am **VERY** pleased with, by the way)and had a quick question... " 


"Hi, I ordered my Magic on Saturday and received it Monday! Fantastic service and what a terrific product, i'm already addicted to this "best sex toy ever" and worth the price - well made, realistic (yummy) and feels dreamy. Thanks!"


"Hello, I have been using your products for quite a while now and I must say I enjoy your products immensely better than anything I have ever purchased!"

"HI Again: We loved the Vixen so much we have ordered the Magic"


"Hi there, I had sent an email a couples weeks back (which totally answered my question at the time) So I went a head and purchased the Vixen toy and damn was this a good purchase! It is completely amazing, the construction is beautiful and just having the closest thing to a real canine is awesome, I have a couple of (other toys) but seriously after using that last night I don't think I wanna go back LOL. Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!! "


"Wow…that’s all I can think to say.  I received my Vixen yesterday, and I was absolutely thrilled when I opened the package, it is gorgeous!!!  It performs exceptionally well, I was in heaven the first time I used it.  I am so glad that someone finally took the time to create a realistic replica, and to make it so life-like.  It reminded me very much of a former friend.  Even if I never used it again (and I will!) it was worth every penny.  Thank you ElypseArt, for making my dreams come true."


"Hello Cindy, The package arrived at 08.50 hrs this morning (thursday). Its wonderful !!!!!!! Thank you again for your very prompt and great service. many Thanks"


"Hello!!  I received my double-box today. Fantastic items, high quality products. Definitively worth the price. Will wait for your next products! ;) "


"I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed my Vixen that I ordered from your company, so much so that I just ordered another magic for my girlfriend."


"Just got home from a St. Paddy's parade and the package was in the mailbox.  Thank you so much for redefining customer service as we know it today.  It's been a real pleasure."


"Order received today fast great product."


"Hello, We got today the dildo, i was realy thrilled, because this dildo is a realy good one. Thanks a lot, my girlfriend saw this dildo and was realy surprised about this great matireal and the feeling. We are consider to bye the bigger one the vixen. Thanks, we are realy satisfied"


"I just got this yesterday and haven't had the chance to use it until today. I just want to say thank you so much for an awesome product and invention!! This thing is amazing ;) It came way too fast and it took me by complete surprise how fast it got processed and shipped. Again, thank you for this and I love the Vixen!! ;) "

"Dear Cindy, I went about purchasing my first Vixen somewhere around four months ago. Between changing the shipping address on you, and having delivery problems on my end, I was so glad that Elypse Art was so very helpful and eager to help me get everything corrected and taken care of. Now, after having had the fantastic opportunity to use the Vixen, I couldn't be happier. It has fully lived up to its advertised 'fantastic sensation' as well as superior quality and original design. Now, after time has passed, I still couldn't be happier with my purchase. Lacking the need to ever look for another toy, as well as giving stellar reviews to those I know, I couldn't be more thankful. I hope more find out about this splendid creation, and best of wishes!"


"OMG......it is so much better than I thought it would be!!!!!!! I give a full satisfactory mark! Thank you so much for creating such an awsome product. Thank you lots......" 



     I got my product earlier today and just had a chance to try it out. What

you have here is probably the most amazing canine toy on the market.

Seriously. The only thing this thing is missing is a bone (Future addition,

maybe? :D.


"Thank you for the excellent customer service, the quick shipment, and the absolutely amazing product. I can't wait to see what you folks come up with next! I've recommended you to several of my friends (all of which are planning on purchasing) and will be posting a very positive review tomorrow on a popular zoophilia-related forum.  Thanks again :D "

"Dear Cindy,  It's awesome, thank you so much!"

"Subject: Thanks from a very happy customer.
     I cannot fully express how pleased my wife and i are with our new Vixen. Ya'll have created a wonderful toy; we are giving out rave reviews and urging others to try it out."
I recieved my package yesterday. I'm very happy with the way it looks,
thanks for helping me out. Let Joel know he did a really nice job.
I'm going to highly recomend the Vixen to my friends and others I know
that would be interested in it."

"mia mia mia momma mia, we recieved our vixen... i rushed in to show my wife and she made a dash for the bedroom.she was so excited that she was shaking when i took it from its box and bag...  ...when she was finally thruogh cumming ,she asked no demanded that i try it...  ...thank you thank you thank you for this product... ...our sexlife is so renewed, best wishes."    

"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and it looks great! After I tried out the first one (which is beautiful BTW, really a work of art, not to mention how wonderful it FEELS!) I knew I had to have a second one!! I may never leave the house again!!! The special colours look fantastic, I liked it so well that I showed it to my roommate, and now she's planning on ordering one as well! :D Thanks so much for everything!"

"Just to let you know, got the order at 12:30 today. Unbelievable that
it made it that fast. Wife wants to hug you...
Thanks a million and a half."

"I just wanted to say how much I love this product. got here a bit ago and i tryed it out and i love it to death, I am SOOOO happy you made this, this is just wonderful. *huggles* thanks agin!"... "thank you agin Cindy, realy if anything this is the 1st toy i have ever bought and i love it so much i don't see why i would buy any other, i cant express how happy i am. the vixen is worth every and i mean every penny and more, i would hug you if i could, you made this furrys dream come true, Thanks agin, (name)"

" Thanks for the quick reply to my question about Cinnalube. I tested it out on my own and have to say that this is the best lube I've encountered so far! I have an allergy to glycerin and have been using both Eros bodyglide and Slippery Stuff gel for the past several years. So far my experience with Cinnalube has been great and the best part I find is I can mix it to the consistency that I enjoy and haven't really found in any other lube. Cinnalube has beat both of those in my book... I'd highly recommend Cinnalube to anyone and will be recommending it to my friends. I can't wait to share this lube with my partner, I know he and I will enjoy it immensely. Thanks for making such a great product! "