T & Tie Connector Kit

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Vixen-Vixen Tie, Vixen-Magic Tie, & Magic-Magic Tie with Inflation Bulb (Click Full Size)
Two Vixens connected to the T-Connector Assembly

T & Tie Connector Kit - includes the T-Connector and Tie-Connectors 
The Tie Connectors - a very special experience...
  • The Tie connectors allow you to securely and seamlessly connect any two of our models (Vixen, Magic, Neo, Uni), in any combination, at the base so that you may experience the incredible act of a canine tie with your partner (or by yourself).
  • The Tie connector kit includes 2 connectors, one with a center fitting to connect the inflation bulb tube, and one straight connector (to use without inflation or when filled with hot water), and a cap.
  • You simply connect the inflation bulb tube to the center fitting, insert the Tie connector ends equally into both bases and press the bases together. You may wet or lick the tubes for easier insertion, then let them dry and the bases are firmly and securely fastened together. To disconnect the bases pull them apart slowly and firmly. They will absolutely not separate under normal use.
  • A tube cap is included that allows you to inflate one model only. Simply cap one end of tie connector tube and insert it into the base of the model you do not wish to inflate.
  • A straight connector is also included if you wish to connect 2 models without the inflation option. You may also fill both models with hot water before connecting them together to warm things up. You may even place the water filled Vixen(s) in the microwave for a short period to heat the water (do not put the inflation bulb in the microwave). 
  • The Tie Connectors may be used as a harness that allows you to be intimately connected to the second Vixen. Girls - it's truly like having a penis of your own - no straps. Walk around with it dangling and swinging between your legs - trust us, it's amazing! Stroke it like your own penis and feel it move and tug inside you, teasing your G-spots with every touch and twist.
  • Use it solo and inflate both knots together, squeeze the outside knot and feel the inside knot throb and swell with every squeeze.
  • The Vixen-Magic tie is wonderful if you're in training, if you're training your partner, if you're in the mood for something a bit smaller and a bit larger, if you and your partner have different size preferences, or if you like warming up with a smaller model (Uni, Neo, or Magic) before the Vixen.
  • Wear the Vixen Tie to bed or nap, and wake to the most erotic feeling you've ever experienced. Every toss and turn will remind you of your intimate encounter. You may never sleep alone... again ;-).

The T-Connector Assembly

  • The T-connector assembly comes with 2 tubing extensions 4 feet each (shown in the picture above)
  • The T-connetor kit allows you to connect any 2 models to the long tube extensions and to the same inflation bulb for partner play as shown above. You and your partner will be tied together but free to move around while the knots will grow together for a mutually sensual experience. You decide who controls the inflation bulb.
Tie Positions