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Harness & Suction Cup

We offer a special harness and suction cup that works with all our models that are shown in our Instruction Manual on the main menu. Please email sales@elypseart.com for pricing and orders.  


Squirting-Inflatable Models

We offer squirting-inflatable models of our Vixen, Magic, and Neo. Please email sales@elypseart.com for pricing and orders. 

We select the best match to your color preference (lighter, darker, or bolder) from our available inventory at the time you order. Since each item is an individually crafted work or art, much depends on what our artists produce and what is available at the time you order. For "lighter" requests we select lighter colors in the knot area and lighter overall shading, "darker" is the opposite, and for "bolder" requests we select models with higher contrasting colors and the most distinct features. If you have a special color request just email us at sales@elypseart.com. There may be a 1 or 2 day shipping delay for special color requests.

Should I choose a Magic or Vixen?

Please see our product description page for actual dimensions. The insertable length of Vixen is 9 inches and Magic is 7 inches.  If you don't currently use toys similar in size to Vixen (both insertable length and size of the knot) you may find the Vixen's knot a bit large, especially at first. As with any toys, you should gradually work your way up in size. If you're turned on by larger toys, you may find it easier and enjoyable to work up to taking Vixen's knot. If you don't use any toys then we recommend you start small, with Uni, Neo or Magic as many find the Vixen a bit large to start. If you use small toys only, then we'd probably still suggest Magic to start. If you use toys similar in size to Vixen and crave a slightly larger toy then of course we recommend Vixen.  Remember also that all of our canine toys grow in both diameter and length when inflated, so the length will increase by about an inch or more when inflated.  Remember to use lots of lubrication. These are important decisions, please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.


You may safely inflate the Vixen knot to the size of an orange, larger than a typical canine knot. We recommend that you do not inflate the knot beyond what you do during normal use.  We use the highest quality medical grade silicone with excellent elongation properties and tear strength. It is formulated specifically to achieve the perfect softness/firmness, texture and feel. It will not burst or tear under inflation, but use common sense, for example don’t use it to play tug-of-war with your dog or puncture it with a sharp object.  If you do somehow manage to puncture or tear it, it will leak and not burst, and you will know it’s damaged immediately. But that would never happen under normal use. Your Vixen will last a lifetime with proper care.


Care and Maintenance

We recommend you store your Vixen, etc. in a fresh, clean smelling place, like a clean laundry closet or drawer. We use the highest medical grade silicone for all our products. It is completely odorless and will absorb and smell like anything you store it with. Do not store it with other strong smelling toys or items. Also, clean it after use with mild soap and hot water, that is all that is needed to keep it clean and hygienic. Do not clean or soak it in strong detergents or chemical cleaners, although they will not harm the silicone, it is not necessary and your Vixen will absorb the chemical smell.  With the proper care your Vixen, etc. will last a lifetime. Please view the Instruction Manual on our main menu for complete care and use information. 


Can the squeeze bulb be used to fill the Vixen with water?  We now offer a Water/Air Tublesss Fill Kit (see below)

Yes, see "Directions" at the bottom of the Vixen page.


Water/Air Tubeless Fill Kit (New)

Our new water fill kit includes a 1. large syringe (60ml) with union connector,  2. short tube with check valve and pinch valve,   3. low profile needle valve (inserts into back of model) and needle adapter. This kit allows you to inflate your knot with air or water and detach all tubes, the needle valve is flush with the back of the model making "wearing" your model under any degree of inflation (air or water) very discete.  Email for details and pricing.


Can I pay with cash or money order?
Yes, we routinely accept cash, checks, and money order payments by mail or bank wire transfers. Please email us for instructions. All payment options are explained on the Shipping/Policies page. 


Hold For Pickup At Post Office

As soon as you place your order, email us and say "Please ship my order to my local Post Office" or any US Post Office you want. We will reply to confirm. This is an official USPS service. We ship your order to your local post office and they will hold it there until you pick it up. ONLY your name and the PO address appears on the label, NOT your home address.  Just go to the post office counter with the tracking number and tell them that you are there to pick up a package that was shipped "hold for pickup at post office." Be sure to go during business hours when they are open for counter service. We ship in a plain box that has no markings. Our name on the shipping label is EA Enterprises.  This is a great option for privacy or if you have issues with stolen mail.